About the JKT Crew

Max Rowe

Max Rowe is a Virginia native, having lived most of his life in or near Middlebrook, VA, which he currently calls home with his wife, Erica. At the age of five Max Rowe could be found outdoors hunting or fishing, whenever he got a break from doing chores. While in his twenties, Max began traveling the country in pursuit of spring gobblers and whitetail deer, both of which remain his greatest passion. In 2003, Max began co-producing Just Kill’n Time TV with co-host Buck Buchanan.

“Helping to ensure the youth of our great nation have the chance to experience the world through a hunter’s eyes” is my main goal, says Max. “I believe that hunting teaches responsibility, an understanding of the finality of a choice, and respect of life. These are the foundations that self respect, character, and morality are built on.” Max firmly believes that getting more folks involved in outdoor activities is a major step in creating a strong, thriving society in our great country.

Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan resides in Mount Jackson, Virginia, with his wife and fellow hunter, Pam. He was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley and grew up hunting the mountains with his dad. Buck’s major passion in life is hunting and the outdoors. He enjoys getting new people and youngsters into the sport of hunting and fishing. He thinks it’s something about being in the woods or sitting along a creek bank somewhere that everyone should get to do at least once in their life. Then they can see firsthand why he likes the outdoors, and the peace and beauty that comes along with it.

Buck has been in the outdoor industry now for many years. He had owned a camouflage company with his two brothers for several years before getting into the TV industry more than 10 years ago with his partner Max Rowe. Buck and Max partnered to start a hunting show called Just Kill’n Time TV. Whether Buck has a camera man with him, or is filming himself, he never hit the woods without a camera. He loves to capture his experiences in the woods so he can share them with everyone else. He hopes that one day everyone gets to experience the outdoors just as he has all his life. Hunt Hard and Be Safe